Insignificant You

by Rebecca Angel

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Well, the song challenge was to write a Valentine's Day card for NOT your significant other. So this is the story:

Girl and Boy 1 are happy.
Boy 2 tells Girl he loves her on Valentine's Day.
She rebuffs him.
Boy 2 leaves quickly and quietly.
She shrugs because he is insignificant to her life and yet, Boy 2 never leaves her mind, her heart, her songs.
A year later...


I said I didn't want your Valentine.
You took it away before I could even read a line.
I told to your face, "Be gone!"
It's been a year since you even sent an emoticon.
I made it clear I'd never leave.
My steady voice you did believe.
You stayed away calm and polite.
Never made a fuss or put up a fight.

Insignificant you, you are my muse.
Forgettable you, listen to the clues.
The one where I sing to steal me away.
The sad lament where my heart's on display.
Insignificant you.

Peripheral you, this note is too late.
Unimportant you, another song I dedicate.
The one that I'm with, his heart is good and true.
But sometimes I wish
You'd done more to pursue me.

Insignificant you.


released February 10, 2012




Rebecca Angel Albany, New York

geekmom writer, geeky musician, homeschooler, curly-haired, frankweever lovin' lady.

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